Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fresh Beginnings

There's something about January that always makes me giddy with delight and anxious to begin checking the boxes on my new year's To Do list.  It's the kind of thing that makes me put items on the checklist simply to feel the rush of happiness from boldly checking it off.  It feels so good!

 This year is my year of renewal, a year for new beginnings.

The last few years left me tired, stressed and frustrated, and my inner optimist light began to dim.  In the fall of 2016, things began to perk up as I consciously made choices about the way I thought about life moving forward.

Looking inward rather than at the external stuff that just wasn't working for me made a huge difference.  I gave myself permission to stop maintaining friendships with certain people who simply didn't put in the reciprocal effort.  I gave myself permission to love myself again, even when I had been in a critical state of mind.  I spent time reflecting on life rather than ranting to my husband about work or other things I was upset about.  I also set smaller goals for myself to feel good about knocking things off my list, one at a time, even if they all weren't so significant in the grand scheme of life.

Slowly, personal and professional projects were and continue to be accomplished, and I'm feeling great about where things are at in all areas of my life.  I have added a number of key things to my 2017 list that follow along with the concept of taking smaller bites to eat the elephant.  Most of these items focus on taking better care of myself, with the goal that success there will overflow to those around me.  These include:  Drink more water... Move more... Practice positive self-talk... Spend quality time with my family... Make more time for things that make me personally happy... Clean a little bit every day... Be my own cheerleader.

I love having these more-specific, bite-sized goals.

While I still have more on my current To Do list than I'm comfortable with, my personal mantra for years has been "Progress, Not Perfection".  As this continues to ring true in a big way, I will carry this mantra, my battle flag, into 2017 proudly.

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